how to hide a dash cam

How To Hide A Dash Cam Properly | 9 Easy Steps

Dash cams have become useful in the modern times after it has proven life-saving and for the purpose of retrospection in case any untoward incidents. The significance of dashboard camera focuses mainly on recording the rear and front views of … More

dash cam memory card error

How to Fix Dash Cam Memory Card Error

Bought a dash cam and can’t get it working because it doesn’t work with your SD card? Get error messages like “memory card error” or “wrong cluster size”? If so, you should know about some necessary steps to resolve the … More

dash cam benefits

The Benefits Of Using A Dashboard Camera

Over the past few years, dash cams have become increasingly popular. And that is quite natural as they offer several extremely helpful and serious dash cam benefits. Many drivers like instructors, taxi/bus drivers, police officers, and many others now have … More